Pricing Data Recovery

Pricing Data Recovery

Pricing Data Recovery (Economics)
For several years, I have noticed that many clients do not represent the level of prices for data recovery services, not to mention the fact to understand where these prices come from and why the work, occupying a greater amount of time are cheaper. First of all, It should not be confused DataRecovery computer company and an ambulance. Professionals who are really well versed in the hard drives in Moscow, only a few dozens. However, the boys at the beck and call of a computer emergency, which rearrange the same pirate Windu for $ 50 a few thousand. It does not seem strange man devoted to the price list of any DataRecovery firm as at first glance seems to be it would be easier to determine the final cost of the work hours of standard-wizard + cost of spare parts, but not DataRecovery car service and part of the work carried out here in the semi-automatic mode, when the continuing involvement is not necessarily the master, all make the program (or a sector-based recovery logic copying the disk), and a part in the manual mode (electronics or HDA), but in the price list indicates the specific amount or range. From this, many customers make a simple conclusion that the duration and complexity of data recovery are the same in different cases, which is a major misconception. The cost of work depends on many parameters: the model and type of storage, type of fault, the degree of damage (from the pounding drive Western Digital 750Gb information shot several problematic than from burning Seagate Barracuda 40Gb). However, suppose we set aside the extreme, and consider two specific cases: HDD Toshiba 2.5 "40Gb with a defective HDA and the same HDD Toshiba 2.5" 40Gb fully serviceable, but accidentally formatted and then install Windows. In both cases, the problem is the same - to remove the information. In the first case, the whole process will be divided into two stages: the replacement of the sector-based BMG, and copy the information to another good drive. In the second case, it is necessary to scan the drive the program of logical data recovery and save the information in two modes: normal (with the structure and folder names) and in mode RAW - no structure to the partition information on the types of file extensions. So get down ...
Pricing Data Recovery

The first case: the replacement of HSA on the notebook drive takes an average of 10-15 minutes (there probably many very surprised ...), subsequently a copy of the Process all sectors in the DMA mode will take about 45 minutes, if the disk is found a large number of Bad-blocks, then the copy will have to PIO mode it will take about two hours, ie the average obtained from two hours before. For two hours, the customer will pay an average of 8000r. For work + cost of disk-donor, disassembled for parts (usually not less than 2000P.).

Case Two: Scan logic as usual 40Gb disk takes about an hour, just about an hour and takes about the preservation of information in RAW mode as one +1 = 2 hours, ie in the sum. We get 4:00. This work will cost the customer about 3000r.

If we count, even without taking into account the parts, we find that in one case, two hours valued at 8000r. And in another four hours worth 3000r. After thinking a little man may think that this difference comes from the fact that in the second case, there is no manual work, and everything is done the program in a semi-automatic mode, but in practice this is not the case. In fact, the value here determines the complexity of the work, and the complexity, in turn, is determined not by the time a number of artists who can bring such a case. And as the second case can recover almost any student of computer emergency or regular administrator, in the case of the faulty units of magnetic heads, all depends on the few dozen people in Moscow that the dispute can do it with your eyes closed. There are cases, which are subject only to the Guru at all, of which in Russia can be counted on the fingers, while the cost of data recovery and can do any high level to a few thousand $.

And once again like to emphasize that absolutely every case recovery in DataRecovery unique.

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