Best recovery services

Best recovery services

How to choose a Data Recovery company (Chemistry)

One day about a year ago, it was time once again to visit my dentist. However, having heard many times from the familiar stories of their misadventures in this area, find an experienced doctor was a big problem. Handle in a well-known and popular clinic ... so not the fact that there is a lot of money does not prove a trainee or a person who thinks only of his wallet and nothing more, and relies on your luck and go at random in dentistry in the nearest house would be like to play in Russian roulette, where the lack of a single cartridge. Ultimately, the recommendations of a few people competent doctor has been found.

In the field of Data Recovery to the person who lost the data, there is roughly the same choice problem. That's only in contrast to the dentist, usually very few friends, have ever sought help from a data recovery firm. Now in this area there are quite a lot of competitions. About two dozen, firms engaged merely in data recovery and nothing more, and even a myriad of offices style "computer ambulance." I must say that the choice should be made only from specialized firms, because when you have a toothache, you do not go to a therapist. In such firms tend to have more or less decent equipment, and wizards have more experience. To assess the level of any company on the Internet site is impossible, since the good site worth a little, and write on it can be anything. Virtually, every site can be found on the label that all work is carried out in a clean room (100 Class ClearRoom) and even provided pictures of what that futuristic vehicles often look like a refrigerator with a monitor and a satellite dish on top. That's one of those unidentified objects:

In this case, no one ever from the clients of these plants have not seen unknown, and all requests to show this miracle of technology, on the other end of the tube that meets their special entrance to the laboratory is available only for employees. Furthermore, for promotional purposes on sites sometimes post photos almost non-medical operational, the level of cleanliness which are generally to the field of data recovery has nothing to do. In practice, normally the so-called clean room is an ordinary room with absorbent as a sponge carpet dust on the floor. A desk, which is usually replaced BMG in three layers piled various parts and other junk. Of course, all this, the client does not see. It is worth saying that this class 100 clean room in Moscow, no. That is, there is, in principle, as well as on the streets of Moscow, there is no car in Formula 1. Our clean room just does not have a class 100. But then the same must be said that the advertised everywhere, and it is written on many sites is necessary for a successful recovery level of 100 Classes ClearRoom actually needed only for the conditions of production, but not for the needs of HDD repair and data recovery.

So how, then choose a company, if you cannot navigate to the sites? My opinion is that the main criterion for selecting the firm, is a phone call and the conditions under which the firm operates. First, a good indicator if you're on the phone to answer an experienced officer who knows all the details of the recovery process. In such a firm is usually always possible to obtain technically competent answers to questions and, in extreme cases, will be with whom to ask for details, but from the Secretary of nothing more than stock phrases: "We have the base drive is listed in the" you will not here. A good company must meet the following mandatory conditions:

Firm must be highly specialized, ie, only deal with data recovery, and anything else like computer repairs and installation of Windows.

Free diagnosis for the duration of not more than an hour / hour (for which it should be read below);
paid work only after their implementation, but the drive-donor usually prepaid for any outcome of the work - this is common; agreed medium term recovery in normal mode should not exceed a few days;
No appointment should not be, otherwise it is said that the firm will be very long-term recovery;
clarify whether the firm by bank transfer, as This can be cut off completely unofficial and left the office;
The site shall be the firm price list page in which specific price or range. However, if the price on this site is not at all, it has to reason to guard;

Drive-donor (if necessary) should provide a firm and not the customer. Even if it is not available, then the search must also deal with the company. It is best to specify in advance.

So, if you provide details on the model disk and symptoms of malfunction, the normal company will be able to master on the phone to call the probable cause of failure and the estimated cost of removing the data.
Best recovery services

Here is an example of a normal dialogue masters (M) and customer (W) at:

(B) - Good afternoon, I need to recover data from hard disk.
(M) - Hello, and what model you have and the amount of disk space and what are the symptoms of failure?
(B) - Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 drive, 80 Gigibayt when plugging it into your computer it starts to click.
(M) - most likely you have a defective block of magnetic heads.
(E) - and how much it will cost you a disk recovery and how long will it be?
(M) - value of the work of 8000r. + Cost of disk donor who would have to disassemble the parts for about 1500R. Such work is usually done during the day.
However, in any case, the exact amount can be determined only after the diagnosis, which we have been free.
(E) - and when you can drive up to?
(M) - at any time indicated on the site without an appointment.
(E) - and you are by bank transfer?
(M) - yes, of course.
(B) - thanks to you.

However, unfortunately all this cannot guarantee 100% that all work will be performed in a high-quality pre-specified amount and timing. Since the beginning of the March of democracy across the expanses of our great country in the '90s, the people greatly exacerbated the desire for two things: greed and freebies. It not spared a desire and the area Data Recovery, and it was as much as people want to get their data at virtually no cost, just as much and some repairers want to fill their pockets with not really steaming. And everywhere grow up like mushrooms are small (and not) with various forms (LLC, Inc., PI), but it officially, but in fact, most of the main offices of the legal form of a BSS (Society for Unrestricted irresponsibility). Therefore, the history of vandalism, followed by extortion drives with several times overpriced no, and float it on the forums on the Internet, the stories of repairmen. And recently they have come up so often that the risk of "running into" very high. And as vandalism to prove almost impossible to drive, then the consumer in this market segment is not absolutely protected from such deception. And on this bait across not only the fans of freebies, because firms practicing in the sabotage of the prices are very different. As it usually looks like, look at a specific phase-out example.

The customer calls the company, said conditions and agrees on arrival. The client brings the disc and leaves it on the diagnosis on the day. And it is usually his biggest mistake. One day is not very clear at the Master's hand can easily restore the hard drive, copy the data and completely disable the drive, so that nobody else will be able to remove the information from there, there are ways to do this big set., Although, in reality, in most cases, an experienced master rather half-hour that would connect the drive to your computer and symptoms to determine the fault, but for half an hour to restore the hard drive, copy data from it and then deliberately damage the disc will be just physically impossible. Of course, there are exceptions, such as various devices (mp3-Players, USB-boxes or laptops), of which sometimes an only drive takes over an hour. However, in such cases, the customer can first remove the disc (unless you can). Moreover, we even ask such clients to get themselves out of such hard-drives as the time it sometimes takes longer than the recovery of the drive. Another question of course is what prevents said after the diagnosis of the normal price, but after the client leaves the disk to restore, to say that everything is worse than originally anticipated and has instead called 8000r, let's say, 50,000 ...? Yes, in general, did not interfere. No, of course, such cases are, for example, when one head to the donor drive out of order and need to disassemble another drive, but then the amount will increase by only a few thousand, but not significantly. In the West, everything is easier, there is a hard contract in which the prescribed time, cost and a penalty in the case of late bookings. Of course, you can, and require to conclude a contract with you, which will be strictly spelled out the price, but we should not forget that all good value for money, and that's why companies in western DR cost include all possible costs. That is, exposed to the maximum price, and if needed to remove these 50 donor drives, they will be purchased and demolished, but what if you do not need, then the DR company even better, you're still paying for them. There are extremes, and on the other hand, when the customer wants, and contract and a confidentiality agreement and to be present during the work, but do not want to pay more than $ 100 and those by bank transfer. Therefore, clients should also understand that the steeper the firm, i.e. the further it has an office, the better equipment than qualified, the more she can give you the different pieces of paper for reporting the longer legs and shorter the skirt the secretary of the reception, the more expensive it will cost us in this service.

Let us return to our case, after the hands not clean the master in a relaxed atmosphere shot and killed a data disk, it calls the customer and says that the disk is bad, very serious damage and reconstruction costs will be high. After that, the customer gets a choice: pay the inflated amount or deliberately left without information.

This is a typical pattern of self-harm, there are more sophisticated, or vice versa more direct and Frank; it depends entirely on the particular firm and its level of arrogance. And if anyone thinks that such things do only a small basement office, they are mistaken. Many of the victims and the promoted brand. Here is an example of the practice. In one firm, where he works my friend broke a SCSI hard disk, and not thinking leadership decided to give the disk to restore to the branch of one of the "world leader in data recovery," as they called themselves. For obvious reasons, the company name I cannot reveal, but I can say that it is directly related to a very popular program for data recovery. So after the diagnosis of a fee, has been declared cost of the work - about $ 10,000. Naturally, the company refused to restore (it was a budgetary organization) and asked to report, which was written that they guarantee that no one but themselves to remove the data from this disk cannot, and later became clear, and the reason for this confidence - in the disk has no magnetic plate. In general, the story is over and nothing more, but I have heard that it was not the only case of its kind associated with this firm.

Of course, I must say that there are exceptions to the rule, and when the amount and terms may be increased by several times or when the costs of the works are hard to identify until they are completed, for example:
- In complex RAID arrays;
- With disk SCSI, Western Digital, Quantum AS, Maxtor 540, Maxtor 740, HDD 1.8 ", Microdrive, etc.;
- Damage during strong magnetic disk platters (Bede, gash);
- After the non-professional intervention;
- Wedge stem from a fall drive;
- Drives larger than 500Gb.

However, the experienced master will identify such cases in the diagnosis, and likely so just say that the recovery will not be cheap.

In general, Data Recovery, each case is unique, so the approach to each case must be individualized. However, in any case normally cost of data recovery from hard drive SATA or IDE interface is rarely more than 15000r. in normal cases and 30000r. in severe (e.g., a wedge Seagate Barracuda or failure of the BMG with Western Digital).

Unfortunately, the above pitfalls are not major in Data Recovery; they are just the tip of the iceberg The main danger is perhaps the company, and the master does not have sufficient experience and unable to restore the disk in the case of medium and high complexity. However, they had often easily taken for the execution of such orders. Frankly, I do not know on whom (or what) train and hone their skills dentists, but I can say that in the " recovery "inexperienced masters train is on the client hard drives brought them to recover. However, this is very bad because not only that they are his unprofessional actions can hurt so drive is not quite so still, if the data is removed from them does not work, they probably will tell the customer that it is impossible to do, in principle. Although in practice, if a classified hard drive to another firm, where a team of true professionals with years of experience, in most cases to recover the information will be possible. Very often, these "master lomastery" do this; you wonder just what their ingenuity, in fact, everything is done is usually much easier and faster (unless of course ... How to know).

Taken from one of the computer sites on the Internet, where the authors describe the change of the magnetic head on the notebook Samsung, accompanying all the explanations with photographs.

The authors have taken an ordinary box, covered it with Plexiglas, made slits for the hands and arms themselves dressed in medical gloves. That is, created a kind of clean room. On the part of the uninitiated in this area of ​​human, everything looks more or less correctly. However, from a professional is exactly a guide entitled "How not to have to rearrange the MHA." Make such manipulation in a confined space is very uncomfortable; it is better to do then is just on the table. Why gloves do not understand. In medicine, they need to protect against different microbes and bacteria, but not surgery Data Recovery, Hard Drive not afraid of tetanus. However, the inconvenience of gloves increases the risk of harm to the hard drive. One would assume that the gloves are needed that would not leave fingerprints on the disk platters, but worthless to the master, who lappage plate during manipulation of the mechanics. A professional repairman movement is so polished that it never touches the disk platters, of course except for rare cases associated with the rearrangement of the plates themselves in another HDA, but that's another story. However, to protect themselves from contact with such as Kulibin is more difficult because have a clean room or not, still in the premises you are unlikely to be allowed as open days, in contrast to McDonald's in the Data Recovery does not happen. But if the choice of eight firms to follow the rules described above by me, by such a master your disk will not fall, because such a disgrace, perhaps found only in the wide-computer companies that are "live" not by Data Recovery Services and hang their advertising on the doors of subway cars and porches of houses, where the same people restoring the data, and the order in the next went clean out clogged the toilet or have any, or other types of "male help." In such firms are usually nothing more than how to recover deleted files with Easy Recovery does not know how.

I still would like to say a few words separately about the courier delivery to Data Recovery. Although we have, and there is a service courier, but I personally do not advocate this. For all the seeming comfort here can come up a lot of nuances. Well first courier service itself has violated the principles of safety when choosing a Data Recovery company, because of the courier you do not specify, which will take away your hard drive, and that it will be there to do, because there is already a half-hour about any diagnosis we cannot go, Drive will remain firm with a much longer time. For Data, Recovery company is also creating a lot of additional problems. For example, how do you imagine the process of transferring the regained data, because the messenger in this case must be technically prepared, to be able to connect the drive with the data of the customer, to show the recovered data, explain what and where is written to bring the documents to the customer, get to his money? This is somewhat beyond the scope of duties of a courier. And the naive one who thinks that as a courier for him will come the master himself to restore the data, which to date with all the details. Professional data recovery engineer will never go to the customer, because paid for his time. Therefore, experts are working on the road only in unique cases where nothing is impossible, and such services are more than one thousand $. As a result, if a company offers data recovery services onsite at low prices, services, know that you will come to a student from the "Computer Emergency" and the maximum that he can do is to restore a deleted file using free software downloaded from the Internet. All other more complex cases require availability of spare parts, tools and other equipment often nonpaged pool. I'm not talking about when you need to open the HDA HDD. For example, we offer our customers a courier in one direction simply, as transfer the recovered data to the client must personally verify the completeness and integrity of recovered data (a must), and full it can be done only in the laboratory.