Hard Drive Installation

Hard Drive Installation

Repair and installation of a hard disk

A key responsibility of the PC technique for managing hard disks and includes installation disc into the computer system and system configuration to recognize the newly added disks. You can find the skills needed to install, configure the system to recognize the newly added disks. Introducing a new world of terminology related to installing and configuring the hard drive, along with other types of storage such as CD-ROMs and DVDs. We also ensure that you understand the difference between IDE, SCSI and Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives. Before discussing the installation and configuration of IDE and SATA drives, it is important to cover the basic terminology about hard drives.

Bowls: The platform is a physical object within a hard disk, which is responsible for data storage. The platform is similar to an old record turntable as the main difference that a lot of hard disk platters, while the record player has only one record at a time.
Hard Drive Installation

Tracks: Just as there are grooves, or tracks on the disc of music, there are also tracked on each platter. These are regularly spaced on the surface track tray.

Sector: the card is divided into pieces of cake in the shape, called sectors, now think about confusion is that the areas where the path intersects the sector create sector blocks, also known as Sector! Each sector is 512 bytes.

Installing the IDE - SATA hard disk:
We will give you an idea how to install an IDE or SATA hard drive because hard drives are different featuring only the best-known solution for installing hard drives.

First, you want to open the computer case and find an empty bay to connect the new hard drive. If you remove the old hard drive, you can use the same bay. However, if you add a hard drive, you need to find an empty drive bay and connect to the site. Second, plug the unit into position so that the power connector and ribbon cable connector is facing the base plate. After mounting the unit in place, as the third step, connect the IDE connector on the motherboard to the connector on the IDE hard drive with 40 - IDE ribbon cable son, then connect the power connector on the drive. The question is: How do you know which pin is pins 1 hopefully, the manufacturer's Pin 1 by a small (1) in its vicinity? If you look at the connector on the hard drive and motherboard, you can see a small (1) At one end of the connector. This is where you should place one (40) 40 pins instead of showing where pin 1, so watch out for that too. When you connect the IDE ribbon cable, you want to give power hard drive, so you can run the motor in the unit.

Hard drive crashed or failed: Hard disk can fail at any time, even when brand new. Sometimes the computer freezes or crashes at least previously a day. This accident could be the first sign that the hard disk cannot be refused once. In this case, the first thing, you need to do is "backup". Second sign, when Windows takes a long time to load than usual. The third sign, when the blue screen of death with error code displayed on the screen. Blue Screen of Death is associated with a failure of the hard disk, memory, graphics card, motherboard or a software problem.

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How to repair bad sectors on a hard drive

How to repair bad sectors on a hard drive

Get a hard drive repair hard drive repair

Hard drive crashed or failure? We are here to repair a damaged hard drive and restore lost data at very affordable prices. A lot of research in computer techniques for reliable and efficient, to cover all the things that are necessary if there is a problem with your computer. The hard drive is the heart of every computer that is serviced by many well-known companies, if they are damaged. However, in this area, not just name them all, but the high quality of a service factors is higher.

If your hard disk is damaged, then you do not have to worry that the hard drive repair has all the services for you. Before assistance with the computer, technicians will try to find the exact problem occurring on your computer. Te run several programs using special diagnostic test systems that help identify the real problems.
How to repair bad sectors on a hard drive

More than once you are faced with many problems with computers, but you can do it on concrete because of its failure. So here are some conditions that can give you advice on your hard disk drive failure may be crashed or failed hard drive: Sometimes your computer running at a very slow, freezes CASHES, more than once per day, which makes you realize that it's time to get to save data on your computer and hard drive replaced.

Visible blue screen of death: there are many times you get the blue screen of death on your computer that much too hard disk failure or loss. Experts Hard Drive Repair is a requirement if it was not necessary to reformat.

Cloning Hard Drives: Our company also offers a hard drive cloning. Most computer users in the short term storage on disk and then you need to replace their hard drive to move the current data in the new.

We also give the idea of ​​installing IDE or SATA hard disk drives and all are very different. And we offer the best-known solution for installing hard drives. Therefore, the primary responsibility of our computer technicians to manage your hard drive and system configuration, which may be able to recognize the newly added disks.
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Hard Repair

Hard Repair

Support computer repair hard drive

Over time the hard drive for errors could develop a number of reasons. Causes outrage as power surges, improper closures and age of the disk are among the most common reasons for errors in hard disks.

Experts Computer Services offer a method that can repair a damaged hard drive. It is a kind of test and at the end of this you can be sure if the hard drive is almost over. It is not a test very apologetic. You can do this yourself. And if you have any sort of difficulty in executing it, you can contact at any time in our 24/7 computer support experts. You must describe your computer system, and they will advise you what you need to do in the situation. If you're not a geek, you can easily get help from the team support network remotely on a very nominal charge.
Hard Repair

The technical support experts want the users to have a back-up system and all important data before starting the test, because you can lose your valuable data on how the process depending on the extent of damage to hard drive.

The expert computer services team wanted you to insert a Windows XP / 2000 installation CD and restart the PC. You can receive calls to request the start method. You can quickly receive another asking what you would do. Then you must select the letter "R" to enter the Windows Recovery Console.

You will receive the prompt on this partition you want to boot from, and you select the partition with the OS installed in it. Maybe you need to give an administrator password, or maybe you will need to enter by simply pressing the ENTER key.

Another ska prompt appear to ask for the order. You will need to type chkdsk / p then you must press ENTER on your keyboard.

Now it's time to check for errors on your disk. The test will be run to check for errors. If you get a message like this "One or more errors on the volume," your hard drive errors can, then be fixed by using CHKDSK. Nevertheless, if you do not receive such messages, afterwards CHKDSK will not be able to correct errors on your disk. Then maybe you will need to consult the expert team of IT services.

However, if one or more errors are detected; you can type chkdsk / r, and press enters on your keyboard. Once you press the button to enter the CHKDSK will start to check for errors in all sectors and repair them automatically. The methods can take time depending on disk size.

When scanning for employment testing is done, and he returned to the command prompt you can type chkdsk / p and press entered on your keyboard.

If you do not see an error in your drive, you have passed your test method, and your hard drive is repaired. If you see errors again, this means that the CHKDSK unable to repair any damage.

Now you can exit the Recovery Console and may remove the Windows XP CD / 2000 installation.
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