How to restore file

How to restore file

How do we restore the data?

Our clients often ask us about how we restore their disks. In this article, I will try to explain these processes in more detail, but without revealing trade secrets. Once again, I want to warn all users from trying to separate self; HDD is the technically complex device with precise mechanics; recovery is possible only in special laboratories.

Bad blocks - the most common problem in modern drives. Manifested in the form of the strong slowdown while the operating system, messages appear on the impossibility to write or read files, logical disk's failure (if there were a few), or in severe cases, after determining the disk in the BIOS the computer starts to boot the OS or boot the computer reboots cyclically.

The consequence of this type of failure is typically manifested in the form of file system corruption. Serious consequence for the information is not usually. We do not use if you copy and restore Data Extractor. Our modern design, allow to remove data from your hard drive, which has been several million bad-blocks with little or no damage.

The technology of data recovery in such cases is to use a specific software with which is process all sector's complete copy of the defective drive to another (cloning). With this special algorithms are used up when the hard drive is not "brake" on the bad-blocks, and in determining the bad sector it immediately skips and jumps to the next, avoiding the loss of readiness (freezing) of the disk. Sometimes the cause of plohochitaemyh sector is damaged head; in this case, you must replace the entire BMG.

When the malfunction of the disc cannot be repaired or is not appropriate due to the time-consuming this process.
How to restore file

Failure of the electronics hard disk - the most common cause is an electrical breakdown of food. Disk when such a failure is not spinning, and the controller board can often be seen burnt items. The reason for this may serve as a awful power supply or a bad connection the power connector on the HDD. For recovery of hard drive and remove the data necessary to replace the electronics with the alike HDD, first overwriting the new controller is a unique service from the old firmware. The times when a board drives the same model have been already been used interchangeably. Self as the electronics can be fraught with the final release of HDD failure. This failure is often accompanied by burning out the switch, in this case, a simple replacement of the electronics board can repeat it out of order. If the drive just burnt out the switch, you must replace the entire unit heads from the same HDD.

Wedge engine bearing - this problem is often caused by physical impacts on the disc, such as the fall of HDD. This disc is not spinning, but publishes the quiet whirring sounds - it is trying to unleash the engine shaft. Trouble is divided into two cases: the first is when the axis of the shaft of the engine went crazy butt of a lock washer bearing, in this case, we are using special equipment remove the lock washer thereby freeing up the axis of the motor in the second case; the axis of the shaft went crazy on the surface of the sleeve bearing, and In this case, it is necessary to rearrange the magnetic plate to another HDA been working with preservation bearing phase (the angle of displacement relative to each other pancakes).

It should be noted that the second case refers to the highly complex and very expensive. In the vast majority of firms, platters rearrange one that does not accurately preserve the original position of the plates comparative to each other to restore the information eventually fails. We, however, have the technology permutation plates "batch method," i.e. wheels rigidly fixed relative to each other with a special device, and immediately rearranged without moving a single package that allows you to recover information for a given fault at 100% of cases.

Damage to the official firmware - this problem is widely manifested themselves on these discs as Fujitsu MPG and thin models of Maxtor. On modern hard drive's micro code problems with service are extremely rare. When such a failure drive is usually no longer determined by the BIOS, or defined it incorrectly. The principle of the HDD is that the first legitimate firmware loads the disc, and only then gives access to user data area. Restoring a disk in such cases is performed using special software and hardware systems (such as PC3000), which at the command can work with official firmware in the hard drive.

Sticking on the surface of MHA plates - for symptoms of this problem is identical to the occasion with a wedge bearing motor, ie drive is not spinning, but the issue quiet whirring sounds. However, the problem occurs mostly at most on notebook drives, and rarely on 3.5 "IBM or Hitachi is only on those hard drives, where the heads are parked outside the pancakes on a special stand outside (the ramp). Quite often, after sticking, head out of the system and to restore the data they need to be replaced by moving to the same HDD. The figure shows an example of the hard drive to open the stuck head. To solve this problem by using special tools reduce head back to the valet and then made to replace them. Inexperienced users, self-revealing HDA HDD, often try to do outlet head, but due to lack of necessary knowledge, tools and technologies. they simply bend the magnetic heads (because they strongly adhere to the magnetic platters), and they also scratch the surface of the HDD, which later removal of the data makes it impossible even for professionals.