Frequently asked questions about computers Data recovery

Frequently asked questions about computers

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A. does you have an opinion of PC3000 that would remove the information directly with the pancakes?

To start one needs to understand what is meant by "stand PC3000." If someone thinks that PC3000 is, a device which can be inserted in the pancakes on the hard disk and read information from them, then it is not. PC3000 is a software-hardware complex for the repair of storage HDD. Moreover, the hardware part of which is the at most map of copy-protection software the main part and shall have no other function, the card is inserted into the PCI slot on the computer, and it has two IDE ports for connecting a faulty HDD and feed it special technological instructions that could be served, and through an IDE port motherboard, if it did not require the protection of software from piracy. The same thing as a "stand" as well as it does not actually exist Modern hard drives have a very high recording density, which allows you to read data from the drive plates' only full-time heads in normal HDA. Currently, some companies have attempted to create a universal "stand," but only managed to read the data with a deeply old and the now used by a small storage capacity with very low densities.

Two. I went down head on the disk; you will remove my pancakes and inserted into another drive?

The belief that the hard drive with a faulty mechanic's specialists to recover data permute "pancakes" with information in another good HDA is very common, but it is a mistake, and arises primarily because of not knowing the design HDA HDD. As it is usually the hard drive fails BMG (a block of magnetic heads) and is much easier and safer it is to rearrange it from the drive is the same model (the donor) to a faulty hard drive with data. Many users are trying to save themselves and take to rearrange the pancakes, and then bring the disc with the words of experts, "and I have, why it did not work ...". This is because the hard drive is a device with a precision of high-precision mechanics, and any interference in its original design entails a minimum of deterioration of its characteristics. BMG in all HDD is rigidly fixed on its axis and has only one position in the assembly. In magnetic disks on the same axis of the engine, there is a certain play and when they may need to permutation alignment relative to the axis. And if a few platters, in addition to the alignment you want to keep the so-called "phase," i.e. to keep the angles of rotation of the magnetic disk relative to each other until a millimeter. All this is much more complicated than a permutation of BMG, so manipulations of the magnetic disks are made only as a last resort when other methods cannot remove the data, for example, in cases of jamming of the bearing walls of the engine to the shaft axis.
Frequently asked questions about computers

Three. Why after replacing the burned electronics board on my hard disk - the information is not saved?

First of all, you need to understand that repairs the hard drive and restore data from it is a fundamentally different process. Data's recovery is a more complex and time-consuming process, which spent more time, and he has a high cost, respectively. When repairing the data storage in most cases are not stored as the drive is reduced to factory condition by low-level format of the surface. However, even if we replace the electronics board to test-drive the low-level tests the read / write, which in any case, affect the crucial information on the disk.

4. And you can come to us and to restore the data in our office?

Run quality of data recovery is possible only in specialized laboratories because it requires special unmovable equipment, tools and software. And if you, in any company offer a service "recovery from the customer," then most likely you are to come from the students 'computer assistance', which at best will run on your defective drive some free Recovery program and try to recover the data directly on the same faulty drive against all the rules. The consequences of this "recovery" is not always possible to correct even the professionals. So if you need high-quality data recovery services, please contact immediately directly to the professionals. In good companies, you provide a service courier delivery of your drive if you cannot drive themselves and, of course, you will be guaranteed full confidentiality of your information.

Five. Why Data Recovery in the presence of the customer is more expensive; I just sit around?

The process of recovery involves the use of "closed" secret technologies that will somehow have to disclose to the client in the recovery process data in it. In the second period of recovery is difficult to predict, sometimes in hard cases, it may take several days and, of course, the customer cannot be present in the lab all the time. In addition, there is a psychological aspect as a "standing behind," i.e. work in the presence of the customer master more difficult it is to aggregate all these reasons, the cost of data recovery in the presence of the customer specified in each case individually, and at least twice the cost of recovery in normal mode. It should be noted that in many Data Recovery firms generally do not have data recovery services in the presence of the customer.

6. And you can write my 100Gb of data on DVD-RW?

We produce the recovered information recorded on DVD discs, if it does not exceed the amount and speed of 10Gb discs with at least 16x. Write data to a larger volume of the CD drives are not as rational sometimes it turns to quickly retrieve information from a failed drive, then you burn it to a large number of CDs. That's why we ask customers to provide us to write the recovered data to another good drive or offer to buy a new hard drive from us.

7. Why do you say that on my disk is corrupt mechanics, even though I have not even dropped out of the case is not pulled?

What would the hard disk have failed his mechanics do not necessarily drop and kick their feet? Mechanical damages to the HDD are the result of defective or physical wear and tear, imperfections in manufacturing technology, etc. At the same time a drive can work a few days of purchase, and another from the same party can work for several years. And at the time of purchase of any tests sometimes cannot determine. How many will last drive?

Eight. And why, after recovering data from my disk will not work?

In many cases, damage to the user's data is due to damage to the mechanics of the drive on which they are stored. And this in turn is connected with its opening and replacing mechanical components for data recovery. And as the calibration of the drive and causing produced at the plant after the HDA the assembly, any interference with the mechanics of the disc leads to a strong deterioration of its characteristics. Besides just not deserving it, trust the data-storage disc, which is already out of the previous regime. Another aspect which speaks in favor of buying a new disk instead of repairing the aged one - it's worth. Because the cost of the fresh HDD is almost the same as the cost of repairing the old one.

9. Is it possible to repair my hard drive, which beats?

If your disk emits sounds of knocking, at the 95%, it went down a block of magnetic heads, what would it be to repair, buy and dismantle the parts exactly as a new HDD? There is in this sense?

10. And I myself buy at the store a block of magnetic heads for HDD, that would not have to disassemble the new drive and reduce thus the cost of data recovery?

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not provide repair and restore your hard drive by outside organizations. In this regard, no spare parts manufacturers do not sell, and the hard drive is a complete maintenance-free device.

11. And you can read data from my drive by the remanent magnetization, after I had it completely overwritten with other data?

Modern hard drives have a very high recording density, which does not allow any means to recover information on the HDD, which has been overwritten. And it cannot be done anywhere - in any commercial companies or in laboratories, special services, such as the FSB.

12. Which is better to buy a drive now that would have been the fastest and most reliable?

At the moment, the speed and reliability of nearly all brands of hard drives are the same. You can only select brand discs from which to remove the information in the event of his failure is more difficult and expensive. More information about this aspect you can read on our website under "Theory."

13. You do warranty repair or storage chargeable repair Flash-player?

Warranty repair does the organization in which you bought the disc. We produce only data recovery from faulty drive.

14. And you can read data from my drive, after I had it completely disassembled and moved the pancakes on a different drive, but it somehow did not work?

In most cases we can, if you do not scare the cost, because recover data after a disk is not analyzed the professional is much more difficult. And usually, if a person examines the disk itself, the information, he was not very expensive because chance of losing it all in such cases grow.

15. Why do you have such a range of prices for data recovery because all drives are almost the same?

First, although all drives HDD and have almost the same shape and characteristics, but many are very different internal structures, there are drives that are faster and easier to recover, there is, and vice versa. For example: there are wheels with full interchangeability of BMG, and there are models that are very difficult to find a suitable donor. However, the main aspects of the difference in cost recovery are usually the cause of failure and degree of damage. Each case output drive of the system is unique, and each case must be expended at different times to restore it.

16. If I have a failed hard drive with just one file, it will be cheaper?

No, the cost of data recovery does not depend on the number of files you need. When restoring data from disk, we always do a full sector-based image of a faulty HDD, ie we copy the files and the user, and operating system files and the empty space on the disk. This is necessary primarily to the fact that if there is a logical problem with the file system to work with data already on our good drive on which the copied image.

17. Why do you say that you have low prices, even though I promised elsewhere to recover data even cheaper?

Cost recovery in Moscow in different companies about the same, but there is a big difference in quality of services provided. You can try to call the different companies and compare the terms and price, whether you can recover your data somewhere else for a day without payment of maturity, if they have a "clean room" to work with HDA HDD, and if they can show it to you? In addition, unlike us, many companies in the price quoted on the website do not include taxes and cost of spare parts, and it will be at least another 50% to the cost of recovery. Moreover, in recent years in the field of data recovery, acts of sabotage when the first telephone call low price, then destroy the data on your disk and ask for them as early as 10 times as they have no one else will not be able to recover. At the cost of services to private masters will be even lower, because they do not pay for office rent and not buy an expensive professional equipment, but in this case, your drive will be most likely open in the kitchen on her knees. Are you willing to risk their data for the questionable economy?