Data recovery services

Data's recovery from HDD, RAID arrays, flash drives and memory cards.

recovering data from 3000 rubles.
RAID recovery from 6000 rubles.
Restoration of the stick from 1,500 rubles.
Repair of hard drives from 600 rubles.
Repair motherboards from 500 rubles.

Fault Diagnosis free of charge.

In the section " Recovering data from hard drives / HDD / "
Describe in detail the most basic reasons that may lead to loss of good health or damage to the hard drive HDD. Furthermore, the main effective methods by which you must use to recover data. Provide a list of works to be performed to restore the data:

When you exit the building block of magnetic head's Hard disk.
With the destruction of the magnetic layer hdd (bad-sector)
Recovering HDD failure of the operating system running on a hard disk
Restore hard drives Seagate 7200.11, Seagate 7200.12, Western Digital / WD /.
In the " Data Recovery RAID arrays "

Describe the main reasons for which may be damaged RAID array. Please note that the recovery and RAID recovery efficiency of the server with software and hardware may vary. Data's recovery from RAID takes longer than retrieving information from the hard disk. Accordingly, such a procedure will cost more.

In the section " Recovering data from flash drives / flash / memory cards. . "
Present the basic model of memory cards and flash drives. I have also provided a comparison of reliability of data storage on USB flash drives, memory cards and hard drives. Indicate the main reasons for which can break your flash drive, and describe in detail all the possible fault current of your memory cards and flash drives.

Recovering data from flash memory chips
Working with the BGA chip, USB flash memory
Restoration of mechanical problems
In the " repair of motherboards. "
A list of services for the repair of the motherboard. Shown are typical motherboard failure and the possibility of eliminating them.

Replacement of the south bridge on the motherboard
Replacement of damaged interface connectors on the motherboard
Replacement of burned chips on the motherboard
Replacing the capacitors on the motherboard
Flashing the BIOS on the motherboard
Hope the information. here will help to save the data you need, as well as your time and nerves.

If you are not confident in their capabilities and are not patently identified the cause of the problem hard drive, why not running a raid array that does not open flash drive - do not attempt to perform data recovery on their own, unless you clearly do not represent the consequences of your actions. This can lead to complete loss of data, or seriously impede recovery.