Repair External Hard Drive

Repair External Hard Drive

Which tune-up should I come into sight for to repair an external hard drive?

I was plugged the incorrect AC adapter for my external hard drive, and currently it does not light. I need the data it, so I want to repair rather than replace it, but I can find are the repair of computers, not hard drive repair. Who do I go to repair, or what kind of business should I be looking for?

From what it looks like, your best bet might be to see the team of IT support services, such as the Geek Squad (Best Buy). Best to note however that these services are generally not cheap and can run a bill rather high (especially for something like the setting of an external hard drive).
Repair External Hard Drive

For your problem if something could identify the problem. For one, what type of external hard drive is either (Seagate, Western Digital, etc.)? Second, Do you have technical experience with computer parts dismantling (if you might be able to correct yourself). It seems you may well have shorted the logicboard of your drive(this is the component that communicates linking the computer and the physical hard disk - it stand as an intermediary). If so, you can try to open the case of external hard disk, carefully remove it from the logic board burned, and if you can find a spare external hard drive enclosure that matches your size (3.5dans VS. 2.5dans's) type and bus (USB vs eSATA), which could be all it takes!

chances are the HD is still ok and you just trashed the place.

Easiest way to test would be to just hook the HD up to a year supply of pc and plug it into the motherboard. Anyone remotely handy with computers can do. His work 5 minutes.

While pregnant with her, all you need is a new one. They cost about $ 30.