Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Service - Data Recovery
Computer data loss can occur for many reasons, including: system errors, virus, mechanical failure of the carrier, intentional deletion, fires, etc..

Fully prepared to perform the data recovery devices that have undergone any type of failure, since professional technical and a wide experience and our laboratory is equipped with a bedroom and White laminar flow booths.

The loss of information is a situation that confronted daily business and individuals
Therefore various information retrieval solutions tailored to your needs and offers data recovery service Standard or Urgent, depending on your priorities.

Pre-diagnosis and immediate viability analysis:

1. Pre-immediate diagnosis and viability analysis

After completing the pre-diagnosis to detect the type of failure and have set the exact price of data recovery, we offer you the opportunity to send your free e-mail system by pressing. Upon receipt of the device in our labs, we will take a viability analysis allows us to find the problem. If the result of sustainability analysis is favorable, we will follow the recovery process data.

2. Data recovery and return of information retrieved
Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

At the end of the recovery process data and, if possible, will send you a list of recoverable files of the unit, automatically validated.

Mastering data on an external hard drive up to 300GB of capacity that we will send mail through our usual no additional cost.

You are required to make any payment if we fail to retrieve the desired information.


Data Recovery
(On receipt of the device)
Service Standard:
5 to 10 working days.
Urgent Service:
Less than 4 days.