Data Recovery FAQ

Data Recovery FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to retrieve the information I need?
To know for sure if you can recover your data, it is necessary to perform an analysis of the damaged unit. In most cases, the information is recoverable, however, there are some failures for which recovery is impossible. Therefore constantly investing in research and development of new recovery techniques, which allows him to get 90% success rate in recovering data.

How much data recovery?
Offers fixed prices based on the harm posed by the device. To identify the nature of the problem and determine the cost of recovering lost data, it is necessary to make a preliminary diagnosis of the damaged unit.

Data recovery does affect the warranty on the hard drive?
The major hard drive manufacturers allow to open and manipulate the devices in our laboratory to carry out the recovery of your data. Data recovery service meets all the requirements necessary for you to maintain the warranty on your hard drive.
Data Recovery FAQ

How do I send the device?
To simplify and accelerate the process of data recovery , Allows you to send your free device. Just pack it according to instructions found in section shipments and request pick-up to customer service staff. Feel free to contact customer service if you would like more information.

When will I get the information retrieved?
Data recovery is performed 5 to 10 working days from receipt of the device. In some cases, the complexity of the failure or need parts affecting the fulfillment of that period. Generally, long processes are detected in the analysis of sustainability. If necessary, you will be notified so you can decide whether or not to continue the recovery process.

In what format will I be to deliver the recovered data?
The recovered data will be sent free on a new hard drive 250 GB (For higher capacities, see our rates).

Is it possible to use the device after the data recovery?
Recommends that you do not reuse a device that suffered a data loss because you could lose your information again. The purpose of data recovery service is not to repair the hard drive, but to retrieve your information.

How can I pay for data recovery?
Payment for the service of data recovery can be made by wire transfer or credit card.