Crashed hard drive data recover

Crashed hard drive data recover

Some tips for a data recovery hard drive.

First aid: In case of suspicious noises coming from your computer and especially your hard drive, stop on your work.

- Back up your sensitive data

- If your hard drive you enough time, a full backup of your data and replace your hard drive. and there you are saved.

- In case you have not had time to do anything, turn off your computer and remove your hard drive.

Crashed hard drive data recover
- Try hard drive in another computer, hard drive a slave and try backing up your data to be retrieved.

- If your hard drive is inaccessible, your hard drive makes strange noises, your computer will not turn on,

You are an individual, do not leave your computer turned on or in permanence. Is suffer the ups and downs of voltage, the various shocks and they consume energy. Hard drives are powered on and wear a face logically higher than normal, check your inverters (if any) regularly. If possible, avoid the aggregates or volumes that span multiple disks.

Your data disk: Make a copy of the configuration data of your systems.

Back up your hard drive data.

Do not put your external hard drive in a location deemed inappropriate (under the desk, on the computer, in equilibrium), ask your external hard drive flat, your internal hard drive should be set.

Refresh data annually. scan the hard disk at least once a year. Use defragmentation programs (not too often anyway). Periodically check your backups, change, for example, your DLT, DAT each year.

Your backup drives: Especially for companies, periodic inspection your backup media (disk, tape, zip, cd, dvd). To test backup and restore files on qq to check the smooth running of the chain of backup strategy. For ultra-sensitive data, multiply and differentiate materials storage areas. Personally, I advise to avoid resort to data recovery service to double the hard drive external hard drive clone.